The firm’s shipping department covers a wide range of civil disputes arising out of the operation of ships, on both contentious and non-contentious shipping matters in Cyprus.

P. Angelides & Co LLC handle non-contentious or ‘dry’ shipping matters dealing with contractual claims against sea carriers and disputes under charterparties, and include the following:

-The international sale of goods
-Contracts of carriage and Bills of Lading
-Cargo claims
-Charterparties (contracts for the use of a vessel)
-Damages and frustration
-Third Party Rights under the initial Carriage Contract
-Tort actions against the carrier
-Registration of shipping companies in Cyprus and other jurisdictions
-Ship, yacht and boat registration in Cyprus and the UK, and other related matters
-Transfer of vessel ownership

The firm also handles contentious, or ‘wet’, shipping matters dealing with claims for maritime disasters and include:
-Marine pollution