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Medical Negligence case report: Nicosia Old General Hospital



Theodoros Angelides


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Phileleftheros Newspaper publication on medical negligence decision issued against Doctors of Nicosia Old General Hospital

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A publication dated 22/02/2017 in Cyprus newspaper Phileleftheros in regards to the recent decision of the District Court of Nicosia in Civil Action no. 590/2008 where the medical staff of the Nicosia Old General Hospital were found to be negligent and their medical negligence resulting in the death of the patient who was hospitalized. Extensive references are made in the decision as to the negligence of the cardiologists and the standard procedure that should have been followed when a patient suffers from acute myocardial infarction (commonly known as acute heart attack). Our law firm successfully represented the Administrator of the Estate of the deceased. Case was handled by our lawyers Mr. Pavlos Angelides as case leader and Mr. Theodoros Angelides. Please find below a Cylaw link containing the Decision (in Greek).